Additive Manufacturing in Plant and Machine Construction

19 April 2023 09:00 - 09:25

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Steffen Lambertz

JProcess-related added value through the targeted application of generatively manufactured machine parts

HT Jakobs-Houben Technologie GmbH, a renowned manufacturer of coating, laminating and impregnating plants, is increasingly pushing the implementation of additive manufacturing processes into the value-added chain. The possibilities of additive manufacturing seem to be boundless. However, process complexity and a different product development process discourage many potential users. Especially for end customer, who wants to map highly specialized processes with high accuracy and/or variable parametrics, process engineering added values can be created – even those that were previously unthinkable. We would like to make these benefits accessible to our customers. In the lecture we will present additive manufacturing processes with plastic- and metal-based processes. For this purpose, two applied additive manufacturing methods will be explained. Subsequently, a transition is made to economic and constructive framework conditions. An economically valuable application is only possible if these conditions are met. After that, two additively manufactured components from JHT will be presented: the tank bottom for the MeltCube tank melter and the temperature-controlled VacuFL3X – a modular vacuum roller system. Based on these products, the process-related added values for the user of JHT technology are presented. They are all based on the targeted application of additively produced components, redefining limits